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“Chinese leather goods capital” - Guangzhou, Guangdong

China is the world's largest producer and exporter of women handbags, and is also a major consumer of women handbags. Handbag products have an irreplaceable role in meeting people's daily consumption and fashion consumption needs. With the development of the economy, China's package consumption is increasing at a rate of 33% per year. Bags business are becoming the most popular products after clothing and footwear and be the industries with potential for development.

At present, China Guangdong bag manufacturing base, its production technology and style change ability has been recognized by the world famous brand luggage company,and the operation mode of luggage enterprises from the production model for international brands to the independent innovation, they all leaning to change the production model by studying by the international brand company.

In Guangdong, because of the comprehensive effect of information-intensive, relatively abundant raw materials and accessories, and complete industrial chain, Guangdong's luggage products are characterized by good quality, newest fashion and high-end range, and are in the leading position in China's luggage manufacturing. At present, some well-known brands at home and abroad choose to process and produce in Guangdong. Many well-known companies set up procurement centers, operation centers, marketing centers in Guangdong, or set up branches, offices here and so on.

In Guangzhou, Guangdong, there are many handbag and luggage companies producing leather fabric bags, leather accessories and other raw materials bags, which are famous for their large scale and variety. With the support of the local government, the leather goods manufacturing industry has developed rapidly and is becoming the only “Chinese leather goods capital” in southern China.

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