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Handmade cowhide bag making tutorial!

cheekyEvery girl has their own accessories more or less, the accessories are small and fragile, need an inclusive place, show the practice of jewelry bags here, boys should learn well, send moms, send wives, send girlfriends or women Friends are good choices.

Handmade cowhide bag making Step:

Step 1:
Cut pieces Cut pieces of leather of different specifications according to the finished paper plate with a cut piece of cut leather.

Step 2:
Dyeing, edge-sealing The edges are dyed with a dye and the edge is polished with a trimmer.

Step 3:
Install the four-button buckle, round the tool, punch the hole, install the four-button

Step 4:
Draw stitch spacing Use the rhombic to draw the spacing of the lines to keep the line spacing consistent.

Step 5:Hand-stitched fixtures tighten the leather and stitch along the line

Step 6:
Edge cutting Use the edger to cut edges.

Step 7:
Trimming, dyeing

Step 8:
Draw stitches, stitches, chamfers, edges, and dyes. The bottom of the bag is operated as above, using the edger to draw the edge line along the edge of the bag, then stitching, chamfering with a chamfer, sealing with a trimmer, and dyeing with a stain.
Packing tape The pre-treated tape is punched and stitched onto the bag.

Step 9:
Oiling The buttery feet moisturize the cloth and spread it onto the jewelry bag to dry naturally. The cowhide bag is ready!!

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