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How to maintain the bag: 9 tips for leather care

How to maintain the bag?
once the bag is used for a long time, it will have its own problems. It is inevitable that there will be various stains on the bag, and the bag will be lost several times in an instant! How to maintain the bag? Teach you 9 strokes to get leather care!

Please do not take the designer bag to the dry cleaner for cleaning and maintenance. Please do not use shoe polish maintenance, you must choose professional products for maintenance.

Should be used to clean the bag with leather maintenance fluid, different cortex has different maintenance fluid, all the bags can be wiped at the bottom of the bag before the treatment, check whether it is useful.

When the leather goods are suede, use a soft animal hair brush to remove them. Be sure to wipe them gently. Too much force will make the leather surface white and leave traces.

If the leather has cracks, use a cloth dampened with a special grease and then gently wipe it.

If there is stain on the leather, the leather bag is drawn by a ballpoint pen, etc., you can wipe it with nail polish or wind oil, and then wipe the water on the bag with a dry paper towel. But the leather bag must remember to dry the water, otherwise the handwriting will be removed, and the bag will be yellowed~!

The leather is wrinkled and can be ironed with an iron. The temperature can be controlled between 60 and 70 °C. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth to lining the ironing cloth, and keep moving the iron.


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