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It is perfect to have a straw bag in summer!

Speaking of the straw bag I have to say a person - Jane Birkin, this name is actually no stranger to you, she is the former wife of Elvis Presley Serge Gainsbourg, and the name Hermes of Hermés Birkin bag, Jane Birkin and fashion There is a great relationship. In the 1960s and 1970s, she had a profound influence on European fashion culture. Her style influenced generation after generation, and the fashion she led until now is still standing!
In recent days, straw bags have become popular. Every summer, this bag is especially suitable and beautiful with clothes. Especially when you go out for vacation, your mood will be a hundred times better. Look, Jane Birkin's straw bag is also in the summer, and the casual matching cowboy with white T can be different!
Whether you want to carry it to the beach or use it everyday, it is a perfect interpretation of the shape, no wonder the stars go out and do not leave!
With a variety of handbags for women styles, the sculpt has a lot of styling, and each styling is interpreted by a straw bag for a summery taste!
The straw bag gives people a relatively serious feeling, but it is also a bag that is neat and generous without losing freshness. From styles to briefcases, small to clutch styles, and idyllic wooden handles, these styles are perfect for meetings, parties, and appointments. Many fashion bloggers like to use it with suits, loafers, booties, off-the-shoulders, wide-leg pants, dresses...
To say which straw bag is famous, it must be mentioned that the Australian brand Helen Kaminski's bag, the hero of the brand is a painter who loves nature and is designed with high quality in mind. Popular household items. The brand emphasizes the use of the Raffia Raffia Grassin Madagascar, Africa, and is known for its traditional handcrafting.
The bag of another straw bag brand KAYU is also very exquisite and fashionable.
Compared with the big names, the niche brand FREE PEOPLE is more suitable for younger sisters, and the relative price is also much cheaper. Its style is just like its name - freedom, with a little Bohemian, a little hippie, and a little girly taste.
This bag from Los Angeles, named Cult Gaia, has a bamboo basket that is both retro and design. Although the bamboo basket has a variety of styles, you will have a lot of look and feel when you see it. Bamboo baskets are really rare! Its design is semi-circular, a bit like a lunch bag, the price is not expensive, the price is around 128-278 dollars, which is a brand that has no pressure to buy.
Muzungu Sisters brand founders Dana Alikhani and Tatiana Santo Domingo are friends and sisters, all living in New York. The benefits of Muzungu Sisters' straw bag are big. The capacity is super-capable, and the design and decoration flower pattern outside the body is cute and cute. It is also a bohemian style brand.


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